We were searching for an interieur bicycle to buy but we didn’t have enough money to buy a new one. We first started to search on Amazon and other e-commerce shops to see if we could find one at a low price, but we didn’t. When I was surfing on Facebook I found out about the marketplace. It was easy to understand and to use. The fact that it was a C2C business model especially helped us find what we were searching for for the price we wanted.

Facebook is the most used social media. We wonder if its marketplace will reduce other marketplaces’ turnovers and if it will have the same success as the social media.


Facebook social media is a marketplace that was launched on the 14th august 2017 in Europe. It is here to compete with other C2C and B2C e-commerce stores with more than 12,6 millions of users each month. This new platform of Facebook proposes to sell or buy items around you.

This platform was first created for smartphone, but it also works on other devices. This purpose of using phones is easier to get to the store with and on navigation the icon of the marketplace is visible, which makes it easier to get your attention.

Once in the store the use is simple and very helpful you can filter by categories such as electronics, furniture, clothes, automobile, etc. You can classify it depending on the price or on the geographic position. The presentation of the object is simple: there is the picture of the object, the description of the object, then you can have access to the profile of the salesperson.

To be more competitive it will be nice to have a delivery service as other services of e-commerce do or have a partnership with a delivery service. This will motivate people to buy more because it will be less stressful and a gain of time. It will be very important to have a solution of payment. It will also be useful to add a mark place where people who deliver best services are rewarded.


  • Easy to use
  • For sellers:  offers more visibility
  • Direct contact with the seller
  • Offers lots of choices because of its number of users


  • No marks for the seller
  • No delivery services
  • No payment service


What do you think of Facebook marketplace?

Do you find it useful? If yes, tell us why.

What if you do not find it useful, what do you suggest for improvement?


Facebook social media, as its marketplace, that intends to earn more customers, proves to be indispensable for both sellers and customers. As many companies in E-commerce are using marketplace to sell, Facebook is investing in such new services and responding to the trend. Will the Facebook platform be the leader?





Writen by Rwamigabo Yo Dan and Rosalie Verset


8 commentaires sur “FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE

  1. I think that Facebook marketplace is a revelation! It’s easy to use and we all have a smartphone so we all have access to this marketplace!
    But the problem is that they don’t have a delivery method. When you buy something it’s because you don’t have Time to go in physical for the product.
    Another problem is that they don’t have a payement method so it’s always un cash…

    When these 2 problems will be resolve i’m sure at 100% that Facebook marketplace will be at the top against the big one Amazon.

    Steve and Martin

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  2. In my opinion having in the middle of the screen (on smartphone) the button of the marketplace is really annoying because sometimes we pressed it unintentionally. In my opinion the marketplace of Facebook needs its own app.

    The marketplace will obviously not be the leader because it’s too simple and needs a lot of improves like you said :

    1) A payment services would be nice to make the sell easier
    2) A delivery service is important because nowadays people wants to do things as fast as possible and without doing something. Some people can get demotived to buy something on the marketplace because they will need to go somewhere to get the product or to invite the seller to meet him somewhere.
    3) Make the User interface more legible

    There is also a risk because you can buy something broken without realizing it. I have a friend who bought a product and when he were at home, he found out that the product was broken. That what he said.

    Facebook has a lot to do if he wants to be the leader.


  3. Hello,

    I think Facebook’s marketplace is really a good second-hand sales site.
    It’s very easy to use, you can easily take pictures of objects for sale and put them on.
    It is also a good way to make extra money by selling items that are no longer used.

    Nevertheless, is it a good idea to mix social network and sale of private objects, our privacy is all the more exposed and we receive many more messages from people we do not know.

    In conclusion, Facebook had the good idea to integrate the marketplace on its social network to have a target market of reference but I think it should detach the marketplace from facebook as they didi with instagram.


  4. In my opignion the Facebook marketplace is an interresting selling platform. Nowadays a lot of people want to sll their old items but they d’ont know how. Then, this platform can be a solution for those people.

    But I don’t think that Facebook can compete Amazon because Amazon one of the biggest actor in the market and it has a sustainable business model. Furthermore, Amazon sells new and seconde and think, that is not the case for Facebook.

    However, if this Facebook platform is well manage, it will bring a good solution for people who don’t want to throw everything in the garbage.

    Jihane Agzennai


  5. Hello,

    During the summer holidays I sold a lot of objects on the internet. My favorite is the Facebook marketplace because it is well optimized. When I indicated that a product was sold, all the other people who wanted the product received a notification directly. Facebook profiles are often more complete than other sales sites. We can renew a publication 5 times maximum thanks to this it is displayed at the top of the list. It is also possible to send quick messages like « Is this item still available? », « What condition is this item in ? », « Can I see more photos » or « Can we meet up ? ». It suits me perfectly !

    The CtoC is not usually secure and Facebook could offer sales certificates to improve it. I don’t know what is the purpose of Facebook. Do they just want to collect information about our shopping habits ?

    Here is a link that can help you for the video :https://www.lsa-conso.fr/ia-facebook-ajoute-de-nouvelles-fonctionnalites-a-sa-marketplace,299106

    Thank you !

    Serdar ZIYLAN & Côme DELACROIX


  6. Hello,

    In my opignion Facebook is a great marketplace because there is a lot of people in facebook so your product have good visibility.

    It’s also very easy to use but it’s not a professional marketplace because there are too much negative aspect.
    The first one is the payement method you can’t pay with credit card and the second one is de delivery method.
    When you buy an article you need to go to the seller to bring your product.

    Personnaly I prefere to use Ebay to sell my second hand product.

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  7. Hello guys,

    First of all, thank you for your great article.

    In our opinion is the marketplace on Facebook a great opportunity. It is a simple way to interact with other people. We gain also a lot of visibility thanks to the fact that we don’t need to be friends on Facebook to see the products that other people sell.

    We think that it is useful. It is easy and simple to use. What we can maybe upgrade are the explanations about how to put an article on sell.

    We think that the Facebook marketplace is a complement to other websites as Ebay or Deuxième main. It is a question of visibility but also on how lucky you are to sell a object to the right person at the right time.

    Thank you,

    Camille Vermeiere and Eliot Steuve


  8. Hi guys,

    I really like your article. Especially since I’m often on it.

    1) I like it very much and strangely enough, it allows me to have fun. I look at some things to pass the time.

    2) This is very useful when you want to do C2C and don’t want to create an account or go to a specific application. In addition, the person can be contacted directly in private. Everything can be found there at any price.

    Mokhtari Ines & Brandon



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